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These discussions are for anyone interested in how to operationalize the AI ethics principle of transparency, especially via documentation of machine learning systems (similar to a nutrition label on food or safety data sheet for chemicals).
Documentation should be considered both as an artifact (the nutrition label) and a process (the procedures and actions that leads a system of humans to create the nutrition label for each component within ML systems).
You will find topics on:

  • The latest academic research on how documentation can improve transparency
  • Open questions on most impactful to disclose
  • Stories of what processes people are attempting
  • Challenges and victories in applying the research
  • and more!

Please visit this forum to learn and contribute to this promising way to decrease bias and build more just ML systems.

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The term transparency is being defined in various IEEE and ISO standards as we speak. But a good start is to have a look at the discussion, in Ethically Aligned Design for Autonomous and Intelligent Systems v1 by the IEEE. I provided input into this guideline.