Introduce yourselves and share what interests you about this project

Get to know the others in this public discussion on the Partnership on AI’s ABOUT ML project. We suggest using the following format:

  1. Name
  2. Organization affiliation and title (if you would like to share)
  3. What is your interest in the ABOUT ML project?
  4. What do you think would be the best possible outcome for ABOUT ML?


I am Babita. I am a public servant in Ontario, Canada. I work in an IT Cluster and I am currently engaged on working on standards for the governance and ethical design/use of AI and IT Service Management with the ISO, SCC, IEEE, the CIO Strategy Council of the federal government. I also participate in forums for the provincial government, police and the Law Commission with a policy and justice lens.

I think we should share expert knowledge and research with each other to improve policy and operational outcomes in the design and use of ML that supports human well being.

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Thanks for joining us Babita! I hope you’ll share your thoughts on the v0 draft and also other thoughts on this forum